About the Band

Queen's Teeth was started by Georgina "George" McLeod and Maria Poulos in the summer of 2012 in George's north side Chicago apartment.  Ruth Gagliano, previously of Atomic Sundae, joined up with the band in 2013. The group took George's initial set of songs, which were written in the UK and heavily influenced by British heavy metal, and added an American alternative rock twist to the driving guitars and amped-up lyrics.  Ruth introduced layers of vocal harmonies while Maria introduced simpler punk-based guitar riffs. The re-envisioned songs later became Queen's Teeth first album, Meganuera.

During this period, the band teamed up with Luke Scriven, previously with Into Dust and Machina Obscura, and current drummer for the doom rock band, Without Light. Luke recorded with Queen's Teeth on their first album.

The first album, Meganuera, was released in 2016. The band discusses their influences on that album in this video.

Luke was eventually replaced by Trever Hawley, Queen's Teeth's current drummer.

In 2017, George, Ruth, Maria, and Trever worked on the music that would become Queen's Teeth's 2nd album, Dark Love Dirty Magic.  The song-writing collaboration between George, Trever, and Maria led to a broader set of material, diverging sharply in sound and substance from the first album. The band recorded the album in 2018 and a current release date for Dark Love Dirty Magic is set for April 2019.

More details on the individual band members are below.

Georgina McLeod

Georgina began writing songs and playing guitar when she was just a teen.

In the UK, she played with girl rocker/metal bands. Influences include Black Sabbath and Metallica. Georgina also plays bass with Chicago rock band Machina Obscura.

Maria Poulos

Maria started as a violin player in the pop/alt-rock band, Atomic Sundae. After struggling to convert melodies into chords for the songs she was writing, she switched to guitar and hasn't put it down since.

She's contributed to Atomic Sundae's first EP, 'Fire, Aim, Ready', as a vocalist, violinist, and guitar player. She has been working with Queen's Teeth for just over 6 years. 'Dark Love, Dirty Magic' features her first-time on lead vocals with Queen's Teeth for the songs 'Breathing,' 'Fall Down,' 'Animals,' and 'No More Lies.'

Maria has also recorded and released solo material.

Ruth Gagliano

Ruth began playing bass and singing back-up vocals for the pop/alt-rock band Atomic Sundae in 2009. She recorded the EP, 'Fire, Aim, Ready,' with the band in 2015.

She has also worked on a personal side project, The Plucky Squirrel, with Chicago blues singer Christine Wilson and guitarist Chris Gagliano.

Ruth has been playing with Queen's Teeth for 5 years and has contributed to both albums.

Trever Hawley

Trever began playing drums in 1988. He is also trained in classical piano and plays keys. 

He has previously played with Dramaglider, a local Chicago alt rock band, and is featured on their self-titled debut released in 2018. 

Trever is currently working with Minnesota metal band All The Pretty Horses, and is in the process of recording a new album/EP set to release in 2019. His other recording credits include past bands called Flat Atom (album title, 'Flux') and The Motherhive Syndicate (album title, 'Negative Spaces').

In 2018, Trever graduated from Chicago City College with an Associate's Degree. He is currently attending Eastern Illinois University and pursuing a BA degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and looking into music recording.

He has played with Queen's Teeth for 2 years and contributed drums, keys, and vocals to 'Dark Love Dirty Magic.'