product design for Realpage LeaseStar suite (2013)

In the spring of 2013 I was tapped to unify the experience of three discrete legacy applications in to one SaaS enterprise suite. The initial work of bringing all three under the same roof of an entirely new "UX Sensibility" was completed that summer and it was now time to drill in to each product and express this new sensibility in the day-to-day workflow of each app. I focused on self-evidence and consistency above all else. There were hundreds of data points for the User to track and turnover rates in our User-base were high. So the last thing I wanted was for our Users to spend one second more than they needed to familiarizing themselves with the nuances of this new product and its paradigms. Large labeling, traditional screen mechanisms, like dropdowns, and intuitive flow became the order of the day and I believe this comes across in the wireframe.

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