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The best way to describe Gloor Product Design is to start with you. If you're here, you're a person with either an idea or a problem. An idea or problem you need addressed with Web or mobile software.

If you're a person with an idea, you've identified a market. If it's a big market, perhaps you want a whole new Product to serve a demographic you've identified. If it's a smaller market, perhaps it's a sub-set of your existing Users you feel could be served better. For either, you have some thoughts as to how best the market you've identified could be served. But you've definitely got a team of Development Engineers standing by to code the solution. Now all you need is a form that solution should take. That's where I come in. From ideation and detailed sketches to rapid, clickable prototypes, I can design your solution and show you how it will function before one line of front-end, middle-tier or back-end code ever gets written. I can show you how it will look and demonstrate how its visual design both facilitates function and inspires User confidence. By authoring detailed wireframes, I can describe for your Developers exactly what to build so they don't waste cycles. Most importantly, I can demonstrate how the solution facilitates your Users' goals in the manner best aligned to your goals for usability, revenue, and time spent.

If you're a person with a problem, you have a beta or mature Product already online or available for download. You have a team of Development Engineers standing by to write the code that will address these issues. The Product is functioning as it was designed but benchmarks aren't being met: Low User traffic. High drop-off rates. Too many of your Users aren't making it from one end of the workflow to the other. Perhaps you have a list of complaints from your Users about your Product or even just one part of it. Maybe your Developers have attempted to address these complaints already but it hasn't helped -- or at least not adequately. This is where I come in. I can perform a User-centric analysis of the trouble-areas and design the kind of solution that gets results fast. I can sketch an entire storyboard illustrating my solution that you can review before any team is assembled. I can prototype the solution and validate it against the existing problem-area with usability tests before your Developers get the first wireframe.

I will bring 17 years of experience to bear on whatever challenge you're facing, whether it's a list of requirements, a list of issues, or some combination of both.

frequently-asked questions

  • Are you a Developer?
    No. The most complicated code I ever touch is CSS3 and XHTML.
  • Are you a Graphic Designer?
    No. I am a UX Designer that specializes in whole Products. While some of what I do could be considered Graphic Design, a more accurate description would be Visual Design or UI Design.
  • What is UX Design and what does a UX Designer do?
    UX stands for "User Experience" and this video will shed some light on this emerging discipline.


  • I have worked extensively with Erik over the past two years on numerous projects. His attention to detail, keen eye for design, and knowledge of user experience definitely set him apart from other designers. While many designers would just hand a design to me for development, Erik provides not only the design, but PowerPoint presentations and complete documentation with clearly stated specs for all user interactions. This is an often overlooked part of the design process, and Erik never misses a beat. Aside from this, Erik is flexible and always willing to work with developers to solve any design related concern or road block that might arise during the development phase. In the end, you're left with a finished product that is as smooth and polished as a luxury car. Erik puts his heart and soul into everything he designs, and that is why I am recommending him to anyone in search of a top notch designer who will exceed their expectations over and over again."
    Alan Eicker, Manager of Product Development, RealPage
  • Erik is an incredibly skilled, dedicated UX designer. I have personally witnessed his creative and design work on large web design projects that I am sure would be award worthy. When working with Erik, I was always confident in the design process given his holistic approach and passion for leveraging UI to take any feature to the next level. Most definitely one of the most talented designers I have had the privilege to work with and I would gladly work with Erik again on any project."
    Christina Klopp, Product Manager at RealPage
  • Erik has a keen eye for designing software. In addition to being able to understand the functionality of the products he is able to create visually appealing designs that also satisfy core usability requirements. Erik is a very personable person and it was a pleasure working with him. He is a team player and was well respected for his contributions on the team.
    Srirajasekhar Bobby Koritala / Chief Product Officer - Products&Innovation / Marketing and Business Development
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